– by David Kinnear

You’ll never cross a great chasm one step at a time. 

There are times in life that require much more – and they require the people who will make it happen. Those who are invested and willing to risk all in order to achieve something far greater than the average return. And that philosophy is one of many reasons why I have such great respect for Caleb King and Aden King the founders of Mplace – and why it’s so enjoyable to write about them here.

When we first launched High Performance Counsel, many folks asked if I was mad. Literally. A small handful of individuals may also have questioned my sanity in taking on such a bold endeavor – but they saw what we were focused on doing – and they leaned in. After all, who launches a publication these days – and wasn’t the legal industry just going to continue to “evolve” versus “change dramatically”. That is often the way for founders and entrepreneurs – being first to market. The art is to ride the wave of change yet avoid getting crushed by it.

In our earliest days, I got to know Caleb King and Aden King of Mplace. They’re the real deal. We spoke at length because we shared a perspective on several industry chapters that pre-date law. I call them the big lift-and-shift chapters of change that altered the landscape permanently in the IT, HR, BPO and FA&O sectors.

These industries that emerged and matured over the last 20 years or so have been like a bell ringing for law.

Caleb and Aden are no strangers to success – but while some take success to be an excuse for sitting back and hitting cruise control, they saw the opportunity to build. They observed the opportunity – and the need – to prepare for the future of labor deployment that is surely coming. Caleb and Aden can tell the story of Mplace far better than I can – and I encourage you to ask him to do so. You can also see a short video of it being used right here on their website.

They have observed the driving force behind the vast majority of purchasing decisions: self. They noted the critical importance of one element that technology can create that people love: self-service. They identified the importance that educational, technical and professional qualifications would have in an increasingly tech-driven legal industry. And they saw what organizations like Uber and Lyft had done for customer convenience. And they have had patience.

And we know that (like every chapter that has pre-dated law) there is a tipping point at which clients turn their attention to saving money – driving out inefficiencies to cut costs, preserve margins, save time and deliver better.

Caleb and Aden put it all together – quietly spending their time and money to build something great.

To be ready.

So it was a special delight to see that the Mplace technology was featured recently in the New Law Journal article on legal technology innovation. You can find it here.

Perhaps the smartest thing that these two founders did was to realize that the universe of technology that will impact law is not limited to that currently within law. We can adapt and apply concepts and technology from outside the domain to great effect. Some of the rules and parameters may vary – but buyers are the same the world over. And users have some great consistencies also.

We are entering the era (for law) of “Better, Faster, Cheaper.” It’s been coming for a while but is surely now. And, as one founder to another, I could not be more delighted for Caleb and Aden to get the recognition they deserve for the hard work and foresight they have invested in the exciting future of this mighty industry.