Executive Vice President, Deputy General Counsel & Chief Operating Officer, Wells Fargo Law Department.

At the end of 2016, I left my COO role at Bank of America’s Legal Department.  Rather than jumping right in to something else, I have opted to take some time with my family while doing some independent consulting to law firms and law departments.  It allows me to use my unique experience and skill sets to help other organizations move forward strategically while allowing me to gain insights into new organizations, new issues, and new solutions.

When asked what role he might be in down the road, Trujillo says he doesn’t focus on that. “I don’t really worry about where the future is because that stuff kind of takes care of itself. If you do a great job at what you’re doing and earn people’s trust and respect, where you go and your next opportunities work their way out on their own.”

Personal email: tgtgoblue@gmail.com, Work email: thomas.trujillo@wellsfargo.com