In the world of cyber, Roy Zur is the go-to. Known by companies, educational institutions and government agencies around the world for his insights and expertise in all things cyber, he founded Cybint Solutions to meet the exploding global need for cyber education. He operates under the philosophy that everyone, regardless of profession, industry or position, must possess some level of cyber literacy to succeed in today’s business world. This foundation shapes his work and Cybint’s breadth of offerings for novice to expert cyber professionals.

Roy brings more than 15 years of experience, with 10 of those spent in the elite cyber and intelligence operations unit of the Israeli security forces. Soon after retiring as a major, Roy found his expertise much in demand at some of the world’s largest banks, the FBI, DOJ and countless other companies, thus setting the foundation for what would ultimately be Cybint.

Possessing both an LLM and MBA from Tel-Aviv University, Roy is a practicing attorney, and the chairman of the Israeli Legislation research center (OMEK Institute). When he’s not making the world a safer place from cyber-crimes, Roy can be found at the movies, or checking out the latest and greatest in the world of cars. He is also a seasoned world traveler.