Rob C. Zirnstein Jr. |  Dark Data Scientist | Forensic Innovations, Inc.

In 1995 Rob Zirnstein, created software to identify mysterious computer files. This led to the File Investigator Engine that drives the revenue for Forensic Innovations, Inc. today. This software is licensed to clients around the world, for use in Document Management, Data Recovery, Data Security, Electronic Discovery, Data Backup, Government Agencies, Law Enforcement, Litigation, Research and anywhere else that computer files need to be identified. Forensic Innovations takes innovation seriously and is now developing object level identification and file reconstruction technologies to keep Forensic Innovations ahead of the curve.

Rob self taught himself his first computer language (BASIC) in junior high, then went on to take 3 years of computer classes (BASIC, Fortran & Pascal) in high school.  With Computer Science being a hobby to Rob, he went on to complete a Bachelors in Physics at UC Irvine in California.  After a number of small programming jobs, during college, Rob went to work for D-Link Systems to learn about computer networking.  As the Internet became a tool for all, at the end of the 80’s, Rob moved on to work for Canon and developed his skills in C/C++.  After a decade at Canon, transforming from a software developer to an R&D researcher, Rob moved towards fine tuning his hobby business into a full income earning engine.  Forensic Innovations Inc. then turned a once hobby business into the leader in high accuracy and high efficiency computer data/file identification.