Nancy May: CEO, BoardBench Companies

Nancy May, CEO The BoardBench Companies, noted in Forbes as one America’s governance experts, knows the ins and outs of challenging board environments. Nancy is the host of the Boardroom’s Best podcast, which has been recognized as one of the top 25 business podcasts to listen to.  She is a regularly featured contributor to the CEO Forum magazine, and is a frequent guest speaker on corporate boards, governance trends, and how candidates can “crack the code” that gets you to a seat at the table.

Ms. May has over 25 years of experience as a strategic advisor to CEOs and boards of emerging and  high-growth, mid-cap and global 100 public public and private companies on issues impacting board governance, director succession, financial health, rapid growth, succession planning, and sustainability.  She has worked with some of the most recognized institutions, mid-sized public and private companies, and investment firms in industries that include: automotive, banking,  insurance, chemicals, energy, natural resources, technology, healthcare, consumer goods, education, financial services, industrial manufacturing, media, communications, bio-tech, communications, and more.

Ms. May has been recognized by clients for her innate ability to quickly identify key action points and resolve complicated boardroom and business challenges impacting corporate governance and performance.  She is respected for her direct, no-nonesense style.  Her skill and insight into many different industry environments comes from her long-term, diverse experience with many companies from rapid-paced start ups and IPOs, to broad complex corporations and institutions.

She has been a guest lecturer and presenter for numerous national and international business and professional organizations and universities.

The BoardBench Companies, is a corporate governance advisory firm whose services includes: director development, board search/succession services, director education, and individual director and candidate coaching services.

Nancy May
President & CEO
BoardBench Companies, LLC
D. 203-493-0080,  Ext: 101