Co-Founder, Chief Technical Officer | Seal Software

Kevin Gidney, a founder of Seal Software, is viewed as a global thought leader in the development and application of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies in the enterprise.

With more than three decades of experience in technical leadership with companies including Legato, EMC, Kazeon, Iptor, and Open Text, he is noted for his expansive knowledge and vision of the AI industry. His past roles have included management, solutions architecture and technical pre-sales, with a background in electronics and computer engineering, applied to both software and hardware solutions.

With backgrounds in document management and e-discovery technologies, Kevin and co-founder Ulf Zetterberg founded Seal Software in 2010. They saw the need to apply these technologies to the problems of finding contracts from various systems and repositories, and extracting contract data without dependence on manual reviews.

Under Kevin’s technological and technical leadership, Seal’s platform has emerged as the de facto standard for contract discovery, data extraction, and analytics.