CEO of Riverview Law

Karl is CEO of Riverview Law and has a long pedigree in starting, growing and managing successful companies.

After reading law at Birmingham University, Karl joined Guinness Mahon Investment Management in 1985 and in 1987 was Money Observer’s top-performing UK unit trust fund manager.

In 1989 he set up CRT Group plc, a consultancy, recruitment and training business. Under Karl’s leadership CRT grew to a market capitalisation of over £600 million, sales in excess of £400 million with 2,500 employees in over 200 locations. In 1996 CRT sold 50.1% of its equity for £109 million.

Karl set up AdviserPlus Business Solutions, a leading advisory outsourcing organisation providing HR, and H&S solutions to organisations of all sizes, in 2001. Karl remained as owner and a non-executive until the sale of AdviserPlus in 2016.

Riverview Law acquired Kim Technologies (formerly CliXLEX) in September 2015. Kim is a Knowledge Automation and Workflow Platform applicable to all sectors and functions. Through its no-code configuration model Kim enables knowledge workers to take control of their critical business processes to improve decision making, speed and effectiveness. Kim does this utilizing its patent pending artificial intelligence, assimilation and data management capabilities. Karl is Chairman of the Board of Kim Technologies. The Kim Technology powers the Riverview Law Virtual Assistants and is applicable across all sectors and functions, in any country.