Founder of ClariLegal

Cash Butler is a seasoned legal technology innovator.  He has over 18 years of experience in the legal vertical market, primarily working in eDiscovery, litigation & compliance. Cash is an expert at legal vendor and project management and is the founder of ClariLegal, a preferred Litigation/Legal vendor management platform that matches corporations and law firms with the right vendors who have the right service offering at the right price. The ClariLegal solution saves time and money. ClariLegal also improves, quality and project transparency which helps corporation and law firm customers gain more in control of the litigation.

Cash practices and believes in continuous business process improvement through the smart application of technology to provide better, faster, less expensive, more secure legal service delivery that improves outcomes.  Cash is very focused on understanding the legal services value chain from the C-Suite, in-house counsel, law firm and ancillary legal services vendor perspectives.

Cash is also an avid hockey, baseball and football fan with a strong affinity for Boston College and the University of Michigan.