Bryan offers awesome and unique talents to Cybint as a retired FBI behavioral profiler. During his tenure with the Bureau, he was involved in effectively developing and delivering hundreds of behavioral and psychological profiles to apprehend some of the most prolific violent offenders of the last 20 years. His efforts helped result in more than 665 convictions at a 97 percent conviction rate. Bryan took his expertise in behavioral trends and predictions, and successfully translated it to a successful civilian career in business relationship management within the private placement investment sector. Under Bryan’s leadership, capital was raised for two privately held companies to IPO on valuations of over $1 Billion.

At Cybint, Bryan has wed his professional training in human behavior with his astute ability to analyze business and cyber behavior. His ability to forecast the needs of the cyber security industry, from workforce demands to potential threats, makes him a leader and resource in the field. When not in New York City watching the Knicks or the Yankees, Bryan resides in Connecticut where he enjoys music, cooking, summers in Cape Cod and spending time with his family.