Brent Stanley

Brent Stanley is a technology entrepreneur with deep experience in the application of leading edge solutions for the legal industry, starting with the development of broker-dealer 17a-4 email compliance tech in the early 2000’s for Lehman and Citi.  Brent is an avid student of artificial intelligence and machine vision and is constantly looking for ways to accelerate adoption of that tech to reduce cost and improve efficiency.

Brent’s work history includes Eastman Kodak and Iron Mountain, and is the founder of several successful tech companies.  He is the holder of two patents to date. Publications include “Best Practices for Data Mining to support Asset Integrity Management Programs”.  Brent has dual residency in Houston and Boston, and holds degrees in Math, Physics and Mechanical Engineering from CWRU.

Cohen is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Vassar College and the College’s first Rhodes Scholar Nominee. He earned three postgraduate degrees from Oxford University (law and anthropology), and a law degree from the University of Connecticut.