This piece was first written three years ago – and is adapted here with only mild revisions. Right on cue, 2020 promises to be a watershed year for the legal sector as it transforms into.. the modern legal industry. Just how abrupt, fundamental and abrasive this change will prove to be remains to be seen. But you cannot have missed some of the warning signs and flashing lights in 2018 if you were paying attention.

We think:

  • 2020 will be a rollercoaster ride for legal technology startups – with some very strategic acquisitions; and equally so, quite a few who fall out of the sky. But everyone is going to need a plan for the future – how to scale and how to make money.
  • 2020 will be the year one or two truly big industrials get in, as in buy in, or reveal their hand. We’ve got an idea or two about that. Some parts of law have been thriving in a silo but that’s not going to be sufficient protection from the inroads of Main Street.
  • 2020 will be a year of consolidation in several areas. Some technology areas are notoriously over-populated and over-lapping. But the “winners” or “survivors” may yet prove surprising to some. We also see a huge play brewing in the retail end where the right technology play at scale could be a true game-changer. 

As we said then – and we say now – the best advice? Don’t get left behind. ’20 will only happen once – and once will be enough. It’s time to be out front on message and closing, closing, closing.


Here’s how we kicked things off in January ’17:

The legal industry is embarked upon a decade of truly unprecedented change. Contrary to popular belief, it’s only just beginning. The level of disruption we will see – driven by a combination of data, finance and a shift in consumer perception – will be substantial.

Best advice? Don’t get left behind.

Sound and visionary leadership – in all its many aspects – will be critical. High Performance Counsel provides a sounding board – for the many voices and perspectives that comprise the industry both now and in our collective future. It also serves as a leader-board – bringing into the spotlight those individuals, organizations and solutions that are leading the way and framing our future.

High Performance Counsel is a place to find authentic leadership on a range of issues, including that of leadership itself in a changing industry, a digital workplace and a global economy. We bring forward a rich and diverse tapestry of excellence – the practical, the philosophical, the technical and the visionary – so our readership, our industry and its many ultimate clients and customers are better informed and better served. We grow and learn together.

In such a busy industry it is all too easy for voices to be lost and positions to be misunderstood. In the quest for change, much new wisdom displaces conventional wisdom yet, perhaps, the combined wisdom is a better outcome. We all gain through discussion – a common sharing of thoughts, ideas, fears, ideals and opportunities. We gain through great leadership.

In short, High Performance Counsel highlights the individuals, organizations, strategies & solutions driving the next decade of leadership & advancement in law & legal services.

I invite you to enjoy the interviews, articles and white papers shared here – and the news we track. And if you would like to highlight your work, your technology or that of your organization – then do get in touch.

David Kinnear

Founder & CEO – High Performance Counsel | @hipcounsel | #hipcounsel