“We look over the horizon.”

Let that sink in. In a world in which there is so much blinkered, near-term, quick-fix, patchy thinking, it’s genuinely refreshing to observe great work built on “considered design thinking” – the kind that looks beyond the instant to the truly valuable. And that’s what iCONECT has done here. Instead of being tossed and turned by the usual crash and noise of industry waves, they looked further – over the horizon. We think you’re going to like what they’ve been up to with Version 10.

We’ll let iCONECT President & CEO Ian Campbell tell you all about it in his words.

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“It takes a village to raise a child” – African proverb

In the words of comedian Rowan Atkinson, who in the rom-com movie Love Actually proclaimed “Oh, it’s so much more than a bag” when wrapping the necklace for Alan Rickman’s character, iCONECT is so much more than just a software development company. And, after 6 months of solid work in it’s development shop, its new Version 10 of the flagship iCONECT platform is so much more than a new product. iCONECT’s Director of Development Ayad AlKaadi says:

“the best thing about Version 10, is Version 10. Its baseline architectural changes to the platform have created a foundation which will anchor future development beyond Version 10.”

But beyond product features and functions, iCONECT’s Version 10 brings a plethora of other benefits to law firm partners, eDiscovery managers, vendors and more importantly the ultimate consumer, their clients.

This article talks about iCONECT in a context which goes well beyond the typical ‘feeds and speeds’ approach to evaluation of an eDiscovery review platform.

We solve problems. 

EDiscovery is fraught with problems. From privacy and deadlines to costs and jurisdiction. Over the years we’ve seen how solving these issues can lead to everyone’s success and ignoring them creates challenges for all. As GDPR and CCPA become more mainstream, we are catching glimpses of EDRM model revisions wherein new ‘Privacy’ and ‘Risk’ components may be added. Our challenge is to interpret this and create technology which lightens the burden for anyone impacted by these changes in policy or governance. That’s an example of how iCONECT takes on the role and responsibility of being an inventor, constantly looking for ways to optimize and lessen workload.

We create revenue streams.

I’m reminded of the tv detective Columbo when I see some of the pricing overview in our space. “Oh, just one more thing.” I can understand why a lack of predictability is a painful experience for vendors who in turn must either take on the price-change burden or pass it along to their client creating an air of distrust and frustration for all. With iCONECT v10 we’ve adopted an ‘all-in-pricing’ model which creates predictability for all.

We create opportunities.

Each of our LSPs (Legal Service Providers) look for ways to compete for business with both existing and new clients. Some projects would fall into a category of ‘typical’, but what happens when it’s not typical? When it’s 2,000 videos, not 2,000 documents; When it’s collection from 3,000 individuals, each of whom needs their own upload mechanism; When the data is actually in the middle of a field, literally (such as photos of a well-head repair). Platform flexibility is key in being able to address projects outside the norm, thus each element and components within the iCONECT version 10 platform can morph to the task at hand. This allows the LSP to adjust field, tag, folder, workflow and security to meet the specific needs of the project.

We look over the horizon.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is everywhere. But for the most part, it’s not visible to the naked eye. From smart vacuums that can map your living room to thermostats that track trends in your home’s temperature, AI has been interwoven into many parts of our lives. It should be the same for AI in eDiscovery. Attorney Craig Alexander of RumbergerKirk recently discussed the ‘Laws for Robot Lawyers’ loosely based on Isaac Asimov’s ‘Laws for Robotics’. In them he states that ‘a legal robot may not engage in conduct that clearly would violate any rule of professional conduct’. AI should ‘guide’, not ‘do’; and with iCONECT Version 10, we’ve embedded AI technology such that it guides the user in an effort to eliminate dead-ends and wasted review time.

We aggregate technology.

“It takes a village to raise a child” is an African proverb that means that an entire community of people must interact with children for those children to experience and grow in a safe and healthy environment. In turn, it takes a lot of technology components to create a solution that meets and exceeds the requirements of any given market. Over the past years we’ve spent time, energy and costs to make sure that ‘best of breed’ components play well together. From transcripts driven by Opus2-Magnum, our AI driven by Sentio and Ayfie through to our integrations with Microsoft’s Active Directory and Active Directory groups, components must work in harmony toward a common end. Oh, and did we mention that all of them must also work across multiple versions of multiple browsers across various bandwidths in hundreds of different data-center configurations around the world?

We build relationships.

We value the hard work that our clients have put in to learn and trust our platform over the years, and in turn we have made a conscious decision to continue to look for creative ways for them to increase revenue and attract more business from customers, both existing and new. Our client relationships are the backbone of our success and for every project in which they’re successful, we’re successful too. It expands our brand presence and keeps iCONECT top of mind for future projects. We’re committed to continuing this ‘win-win’ approach.

We tell stories.

With visibility into some of the world’s largest, most sensitive and most complex legal cases, we’ve gained a wealth of experience. This ‘been there, done that’ experience helps guide every decision from technical specifications through installation, training and ongoing support. We’ve had users from outer-space (NASA), dealt with billions of records (FDIC), worked in foreign countries (Ivory Coast) and battled giants (BP) and each project makes the platform more ‘battle tested’ than before. Furthermore, each project teaches us something new, all of which gets accumulated into the next version release, including iCONECT’s Version 10.

Yeah, okay I lied, we do build software. However we do it in such a way that it’s holistic. It’s an interconnected mashup of both the tangible and the intangible components that make a positive difference in our eDiscovery community.

Ian Campbell

Ian Campbell is President & CEO of iCONECT

About Ian

Ian Campbell is President & CEO of iCONECT, a global market leader in producing cutting-edge innovative eDiscovery Document Review software…


iCONECT Development, LLC develops the innovative iCONECT eDiscovery review software platform. iCONECT raises the bar by delivering intelligent, easy-to-use tools that help hosting providers, law firms, and legal departments optimize workflows and manage some of the world’s most complex legal cases more efficiently. Leading AI and auto-redaction capabilities combined with a user’s ability to search, sort, analyze, categorize and produce documents and multi-media files recently led industry publication ‘Silicon Review’ to name iCONECT as one of the ‘30 Fastest Growing Tech Companies’ of the year.

About iCONECT V10 Product

iCONECT introduces v10 of its award winning eDiscovery review platform. Packed with new features including CAL, built-in processing, multi-media handling and auto-identification/redaction of PII, the platform looks to meet and exceed industry demands as firms look over the horizon toward new technology to enhance their eDiscovery review strategies.