A leading global provider of in-house legal counsel, Taylor Root sees a new world of opportunity for clients in connecting virtually, globally via the HPC Global Summit™. Focused on the evolving role and aspirations of General Counsel and Chief Legal Officers the HPC Global Summit™ and HPC Digital Village™ combine best-in-class event programming and a unique interactive destination for legal buyers.

London, New York — August 5, 2020 — High Performance Counsel™ (HPC) today announced Taylor Root as Human Capital Partner for the HPC Global Summit™

High Performance Counsel (HPC) today announced Taylor Root as Human Capital Partner of the upcoming HPC Global Summit (The Summit). The Summit is a new global event series focused on the needs and expectations of General Counsel and Chief Legal Officers. The Summit format is a rich mix of short keynotes, fireside interviews, and panels – all built around the “strategic imperatives” facing today’s legal leadership.

As one of the world’s leading advisers on in-house counsel, Taylor Root has firsthand insight into this critical population and views the Summit as an ideal forum for both knowledge sharing and professional networking. With the onslaught of COVID-19, today’s General Counsel and Chief Legal Officers are the key individuals that CEO’s have increasingly been turning to not only as legal advisers but also as strategic business partners. Taylor Root will also participate fully in the Digital Village – an always-on, 24/7/365 digital ecosystem for organizations in the legal industry to showcase what they have to offer and interact with prospective clients. Unlike any traditional trade show in the industry, once the lights go “on” in the Village on September 1, 2020 – they don’t go out. The Village will remain active.

“We are delighted to partner with Taylor Root in this way – their shared vision for what we can do and their excitement for the potential this new format offers to clients in the legal industry is infectious,” notes David Kinnear, HPC Founder & CEO. “General Counsel and Chief Legal Officers have been thrust into the spotlight in recent months – the combined business, strategic and financial role they play is growing exponentially. We want to help bridge the information gap between peers – and between providers seeking to align what they offer more closely with what these individuals really want.”

Ben Cockram, Director of Global Partnerships at Taylor Root,  noted: “We are always looking for forward-thinking, creative ways to bring more value to our clients – the individuals and organizations we serve in the global legal community. As we all embrace a new and unfamiliar post-COVID world, the work David and his team are doing  with the Summit and the Village represent a smart way forward for knowledge-sharing and networking. We are delighted to be involved and to hopefully bring some valuable Human Capital insights to the table.”

About the HPC Global Summit and Digital Village

Join the leading global forum for General Counsel and Chief Legal Officers in the modern legal industry. Network with peers and showcase your products and services in our always-on, interactive Digital Village, opening September 1st. World-class speakers and panelists will address the role and expectations of today’s General Counsel and Chief Legal Officers. What are today’s Strategic Imperatives – and what are the highest priorities for today’s legal leaders.

Never has so much been at stake for this peer group and the businesses they help lead. Modern businesses rely so heavily on good counsel – and for service providers it’s critical to understand who they are and what makes them tick. In the everyday professional life of General Counsel and Chief Legal Officers, what makes the difference between a “yes” or a “no” decision. The buying power of the legal industry is shifting and understanding both the people and economic dynamics is essential.

The 3-event Global Summit Series is focused on the evolving role, aspirations and expectations of General Counsel and Chief Legal Officers. The HPC Global Village (“the Village”) is a 24/7/365 always-on, interactive destination for service providers and product suppliers in the modern legal industry. HPC has partnered with Cosmonauts in the production and day-to-day operation of the Global Summit Series and the Digital Village.

The Digital Village “never sleeps”. This 24/7/365 destination is invaluable for the growing number of buyers researching suppliers and solutions in the legal marketplace. This need has been heightened by travel restrictions impacting business travel to events – and more businesses exploring new ways to work remotely and efficiently. For product vendors and service providers, the Digital Village provides a public, ongoing presence for interacting with visitors and meeting prospective customers at a fraction of the cost of traditional sales & marketing alternatives.

Visit https://hpcglobalsummit.com for information and registration.

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