Focused on the evolving role and aspirations of General Counsel and Chief Legal Officers the HPC Global Summit™ and HPC Digital Village™ combine best-in-class event programming and a unique interactive destination for legal buyers.

London, New York & Miami — June 24, 2020 — High Performance Counsel™ (HPC) today announced the launch of its inaugural Global Summit Series and Interactive Digital Village for the modern legal industry.

The 3-event Global Summit Series is focused on the evolving role, aspirations and expectations of General Counsel and Chief Legal Officers. The HPC Global Village (“the Village”) is a 24/7/365 always-on, interactive destination for service providers and product suppliers in the modern legal industry. HPC has partnered with Cosmonauts in the production and day-to-day operation of the Global Summit Series and the Digital Village.

“General Counsel and Chief Legal Officers have been thrust into the spotlight in recent months – the combined business, strategic and financial role they play is growing exponentially. We want to help bridge the information gap between peers – and between providers seeking to align what they offer more closely with what these individuals really want” commented David Kinnear, Founder & CEO of HPC.

The HPC Global Summit taps into the evolving role and expectations of General Counsel and Chief Legal Officers who find themselves at the forefront of significant change both in the legal industry and within their own organizations. The scale and complexity of issues and decisions faced by this peer group has never been greater – nor has their importance and influence in decision-making for the enterprise. This has only been heightened by the COVID-19 Pandemic. For their service providers, it’s critical to understand who they are and what drives their decisions.

The Digital Village “never sleeps”. This 24/7/365 destination is invaluable for the growing number of buyers researching suppliers and solutions in the legal marketplace. This need has been heightened by travel restrictions impacting business travel to events – and more businesses exploring new ways to work remotely and efficiently. For product vendors and service providers, the Digital Village provides a public, ongoing presence for interacting with visitors and meeting prospective customers at a fraction of the cost of traditional sales & marketing alternatives.

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HPC is the leading business media resource covering the modern legal industry and the people, technology and economic forces driving its future. Described as the “voice of the modern legal industry” HPC provides world-class media coverage via one-one feature interviews with leading legal professionals and the publication of key insights via articles, white papers and industry commentary.

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About Cosmonauts Ltd.

Here at Cosmonauts we run two verticals:

  • Expert business development aligned with marketing support; and
  • Event Production for physical and virtual events and conferences.

Cosmonauts events support businesses from start-ups through to blue chip in organising brand new physical and virtual events. Whether you are trying to put together an industry conference, a brand new virtual event series to stay on the front foot or a niche event to drive awareness and create new business opportunities.  

We know how to put the right people in the same space enabling businesses to continue to grow, expand and innovate. We have a growing portfolio series of own brand events which attracts over 5000+ participants annually, across 3 continents – Europe, North American and Asia.

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