David T. Kinnear – Partner & Chief Conversationalist


Thank you to so many of you for all the many kind words and expressions of support in the creation and now, finally, the launch of High Performance Counsel (which incorporates its twin, High Performance Litigator). It has been the greatest pleasure and honor hearing from each of the initial Contributors / Interviewees and the richness of the responses is very striking. Thank you for their interest, time and efforts.

It’s time to give a voice – a voice of experience and perspective, not just news – on the law & legal services sector, which is entering a period of unprecedented change. It is equal parts exciting and terrifying for many participants – based on so many wonderful and poignant conversations and thoughts shared with me. I think we all learn from the combining and sharing of these views and perspectives.

I’ll leave you with my favorite quotation – a Chinese proverb – to ponder:

“Change is a dragon. You can ignore it, which is futile.
You can fight it, in which case you will lose.
Or you can ride it.” [Anon.]

Again, thank you for your interest and participation in this conversation on what promises to be an interesting journey for all of us.

David T. Kinnear
Partner & Chief Conversationalist

High Performance Counsel
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