There was a recent article about how client 24/7 demands are causing stressed out lawyers to be even more stressed out.

Many lawyers would love the practice of law if clients weren’t in the picture.  They view the practice as an intellectual pursuit and just want to be left alone to practice.

Besides, many clients are annoying, demanding, greedy, unreasonable, and want all sort of discounts and other bennies.

How dare they!

I’m not going to discuss how clients feel about us lawyers only to suggest another paradigm for your consideration.

Without clients we’re out of business.

No practice, no cases, no feeding our family.

Since we need clients to have a career filled with wealth, security, passion and impact, we have to become rainmakers.


At first glance, being an effective rainmaker may seem overwhelming and uncomfortable.  Many of us went to law school so we wouldn’t have to sell.

However, generating business is not as hard as you may think.

In fact, done the right way, it can be downright enjoyable.  This is especially true when you are serving a group you care about and providing real value and benefits to their lives.

And when you experience the success it brings, you’ll have more of the things you want from your practice. You’ll be able to pick and choose the cases you want and fire the clients that are ungrateful and annoying. You’ll be able to leave the cell phone turned off, take more vacations, do more pro bono work and accomplish all the things that you wanted to accomplish when you entered the field of law.



Clients are the answer to all that you desire in your life and career.


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