David Kinnear

Rarely have I been as excited as I am to introduce a new feature column – but #TakeTheNextStep with Becky Joe Wells is exactly that.

The legal industry struggles with closet addiction, confidence and professional performance issues – perhaps more than any other. As a litigator myself, I know we don’t talk about it enough. We hide in offices and hotel rooms – hoping no-one sees through the smoke.

I have never met anyone like Becky Joe Wells. Ever.

She speaks from experience. She speaks with candor. She speaks with zero BS. If that makes you nervous, keep reading.

This series is not about eDiscovery or document automation. Tech is and will utterly alter the legal industry – but the people who make it happen? They’re people. Real people. They go home at night. They have stuff to deal with. They have partners or divorces to navigate and they still have to put a smile on their face the next day.

It’s a cauldron.

I want you to meet Becky Joe Wells. You may never get to walk the doggies along the canal or across the field of dreams but I want you to meet her.

If life is a puzzle – she has at least some of the answers – and that’s a good starting point.


Becky Wells

“As a world-renowned performance coach and experienced hypnotherapist, Becky Wells helps individuals break through longstanding psychological barriers and take control of their lives and careers.”

Bio & Qualifications

I worked in the fitness industry for many years and specialised in treating people referred by general practitioners and others with exercise including cardiac rehabilitation. I became fascinated by the large number of referrals that seemed to have psychological origins and decided to train as a Hypnotherapist incorporating other therapy. I now consider myself a performance coach / motivation speaker. I have practices in Sussex and work worldwide via my online clinics.

My personal interests include being outside with my dogs, walking with friends and travelling. I write for various publications in my spare time, The Huffington Post and I am also a published author, co-authoring Business Life and the Universe Volume 4.


About me

I consider myself quite like a “Miss Marple” or “Columbo”, when a client comes in to see me. I try to help them understand the facts and help them make long term positive changes. I love bringing the science facts together within the therapy world and am currently studying a BSc in Health Science to enhance my knowledge further.

Whether it’s learning to take away anxiety for public speaking, gaining interview confidence, or taking that next step in your business or lifestyle goals come and see me to make that change.

Treatments I provide

  • Hypnotherapy
  • Kinetic Shift Practitioner and Trainer
  • Mindscaping Practitioner
  • OldPain2Go Practitioner
  • Mindfulness Instructor
  • Psy-TaP
  • Reiki
  • TFT

Areas of special interest

Confidence and anxiety.

Empowering others to take that next step in their journey. Whether it’s to learning to take away anxiety for public speaking or gain interview confidence, or the confidence to take that next step in your business or lifestyle goals.

I want to

  • Help you achieve personal goals – confidence, enhanced concentration, positivity
  • Help you break unwanted habits
  • Improve your health and wellbeing – pain management, stress relief
  • To help reduce anxiety and phobias – fear of flying, social anxieties, generalised worry
  • Performance – improvement in sport, delivering a presentation
  • Increased confidence – self-esteem issues, creativity
  • Help you take control – anger management or jealousy issues