#BakersDozen is a series of interviews with leading professionals in the fields of law, consulting, finance, tech, and more.


Tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to be in the legal business?

I worked in one of Canada’s largest law firms as a Director of Finance in mid 200s and went back to law school as a second career in 2008. I never wrote the bar and decided instead to start Traklight.com. We have a double sided market, selling to both small and medium businesses and trusted advisors, including legal.

What do you do for a living right now?

I run Traklight.com and also manage Evolve Law with my co-founder Jules Miller. I also write, recently finishing a book on Small Law KPIs published by Thomson Reuters.

What has been your greatest triumph and your greatest success in the legal services field and what did you learn from each?

Greatest triumph has to be the positive reaction to Evolve Law and the greatest success was finishing the book – I really had moments when I thought I could not do it! I have learned much about change management from starting Evolve Law and also it’s an interesting look at the industry. The book made me realize that I love the creative process.