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I started my career working in catering in the south of France, and eventually ended up in hotel management where I was responsible for the financial aspects of running a high end kitchen, which included menu planning. It was there that I discovered a “real appetite” for using computers to solve complex problems. Our graphing program of choice was LOTUS 1-2-3 with its revolutionary WYSIWYG editor. I ended up becoming highly proficient in the program and started training my peers how to use it. This was the start of the journey that ultimately led me to starting my own IT support company in the UK a few years later.

A short time after, my company won a significant contract with the local law enforcement and they got their first criminal matter involving computers. Computer forensics didn’t exist at that time, so as the resident technology experts it fell to us to help them build their case. We really were pioneers of the industry.

In the over 25+ years since then, I moved from the UK to the US, built and sold my company HSSK Forensics to Ricoh, and have had the privilege of providing expert testimony in some of the largest cases in the world, remaining focused on the ever-evolving field of computer forensics and eDiscovery.


I was an educator in my former life. I then started in this industry 16 years ago, as a trainer educating legal teams on how to leverage technology in their practice. My passion for learning and organizational development has carried forward in my career with the emphasis we place on education around eDiscovery and related technology in the marketplace. To this day, I leverage my educational background to find ways to bring services to market in a meaningful way, always trying to bridge the gap between thought leadership and practical entry points for our clients. You have to meet people where they are at, to ignite change.


I wanted to be a lawyer in grade school. Several family friends were attorneys and Judges, so it was very natural for me to move in that direction. Law school was an amazing experience for me. Law practice, and the prevailing business model for the delivery of law services, was much less amazing. Having run businesses before going back to law school, I could not believe that a 200 year old business model was still the prevailing approach. I suppose it was inevitable that I would end up working in a non-traditional delivery of legal services.


I am a lawyer by training. Having completed both an undergraduate and graduate degree in Criminology prior to law school, I initially thought I should take the logical step and become a criminal lawyer; I even spent one semester working with a legal aid clinic through my school’s Criminal Law Clinic. However, I took a sharp turn from initial intentions and ended up in working with a large transactional law firm in Toronto, and then practiced for a few years in the wealth management arena as counsel for one of Canada’s largest banks. I made another turn about five years ago, when I entered the world of eDiscovery and legal document review to manage and oversee complex review projects for litigation and regulatory matters for law firms, corporations, and government agencies.

I have had the privilege of providing expert testimony in some of the largest cases in the world, remaining focused on the ever-evolving field of computer forensics and eDiscovery. DG



I am the Vice President of eDiscovery at Ricoh USA, Inc., where I am responsible for our Intelligent eDiscovery services. While my focus is now on the strategy and growth of this area of the business, I remain a Licensed Private Investigator in the States of Texas and Florida, a member of the High Technology Crime Network (HTCN), a Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE), and am a Certified Forensics Litigation Consultant (CFLC). I continue to be active in eDiscovery and Computer Forensics matters.


I run the Canadian division of Ricoh eDiscovery (aka Commonwealth Legal) and am responsible for driving our business strategy, introducing innovative new solutions, and contributing to the evolution of Ricoh’s emerging Service offerings.

After years of trying to explain what I do for a living, I am grateful for my new elevator speech using “Hillary Clinton’s Emails” as my example, which has made what we do in our niche industry more mainstream. As eDiscovery matures into more of a business process, I believe this niche industry has much to offer in solving broader business challenges around information management.


I am the Director of Managed Review Services for Ricoh. This is the culmination of an 18-year history in the eDiscovery industry where I have been vendor, law firm and client side at different points. I stumbled upon eDiscovery as a practicing attorney, and found that I enjoyed the challenge of combining large teams and processes together to battle mountains of information with tight deadlines. I also really enjoy working as a member of a team to create a successful outcome for our clients.


I am the Director, Legal Solutions for Commonwealth Legal, a division of Ricoh Canada, where I am responsible for the strategic leadership and design of our unique, analytics-based Intelligent Review solutions. The main goal of Intelligent Review is to customize, design, and carry out the most effective, defensible, and cost-efficient review possible.

After years of trying to explain what I do for a living, I am grateful for my new elevator speech using “Hillary Clinton’s Emails” as my example, which has made what we do in our niche industry more mainstream. JJ



In 2008, I developed Remlox™, a forensically sound remote ESI collection tool that was eventually patented by Ricoh. It was named by several courts as the tool required for ESI collection, and has now been deployed over 7,000 times in 37 countries.

I believe that Remlox™ fundamentally changed how ESI is collected. At the time, remote collections were frowned upon, leaving onsite work as the only real option which required expensive short notice travel by computer forensic experts. Remlox™ changed that. Now, we could run forensic data collections remotely making it faster, logistically easier and far less expensive, while still achieving the same result.

The pinnacle of this experience was winning Ricoh’s Star Patent award in Tokyo, which at the time, I didn’t fully comprehend the significance of. Ricoh has over 50,000 patents, and this award is given out to the top patent of the year. Not only is receiving the award a great honor, I also learned that it had never been awarded to anyone outside of Japan in Ricoh’s 80+ year history. The entire experience was exceptionally humbling.

Looking back, I learned that if you can think outside of the box to uncover solutions that address future challenges, the impact may be even more significant that you ever dreamed.


Early in my career, I was lucky to play a major role in the AT&T and Bell South merger/2nd request. At the time, I worked for a firm that had tremendous loyalty to their team members and dedication to work quality. I learned firsthand that the quality of the work dictates the process, and that the overarching context of quality is respect for all individuals on the team. This is now my own personal touchstone for any business group I work with or document review process I help to create. The result is that my greatest success stories now all have the same ending; We delivered a better quality result than our client expected, in less time and under budget.


So far, my greatest triumph/success in my career has been developing and implementing Intelligent Review – an analytics-based review solution that is truly unique for a legal outsource review provider… and successfully getting clients on board to try something new! When working through legal review projects and workflows in the past, I would often ask myself: “there must be a more efficient way to do this?” – and now I have the opportunity to take some action and bring real efficiency to the review process.

What I have discovered is that if you align yourself with people you can learn from, who are also creative, supportive, and share your vision, so much can be accomplished.

We delivered a better quality result than our client expected, in less time and under budget. JT


Vice President, eDiscovery Sales and Operations, Ricoh USA, Inc.

David A. Greetham is the Vice President of eDiscovery Sales and Operations at Ricoh USA, Inc. Throughout his career, David has been retained by law firms and corporations as a Testifying and Consulting Expert in the areas of Computer Forensics, eDiscovery and Information Governance. Additionally, he has been responsible for forensic examinations of computer systems involved in theft of trade secrets, internet misuse, harassment, murder, fraud and alleged spoliation. David is a sought after thought leader and frequent speaker and author on the topics of digital forensics, eDiscovery and secure cloud operations.

David has testified as a computer forensics expert on many occasions both nationally and internationally and is the inventor of Remlox™ a patented, remote forensic collection tool which has been used in 37 different countries and is the recipient of the coveted Ricoh Global “Star Patent Award”. David also holds many other patents in relation to eDiscovery technology.


As the Vice President of Commonwealth Legal, a division of Ricoh Canada, Jennifer oversees company strategy, operations, professional services and overall business results. Jennifer has over 15 years of industry experience and is committed to evolving the eDiscovery landscape from a people, process and technology standpoint, spearheading differentiating solutions that deliver exceptional value while forwarding the marketplace.

Jennifer’s background in consulting and professional services brings deep insight into the business needs of organizations as they strive to enhance their own service capabilities in an evolving marketplace. Jennifer has an M.A. in Curriculum Design and Organizational Learning and brings her passion for education and community together to spearhead our signature Technology in Practice Conference, which provides a unique blend of thought leadership and practical strategies to the industry each year.


As Director, Legal Solutions at Commonwealth Legal, Jessica Lockett is responsible for the strategic leadership and design of innovative review and discovery solutions. Jessica is an experienced lawyer who has spent the last several years working in the ediscovery and document review arena, managing and overseeing document review projects for various clients including law firms, government bodies, and corporate entities in a range of industries.

Jessica takes pride in aligning solutions to the needs and priorities of legal teams and is adept at architecting and delivering innovative approaches and workflows to ensure the efficient and effective completion of document review projects. She has extensive experience in relation to complex commercial litigation and arbitration, class action law suits, criminal and financial investigations, as well as productions for regulatory requests. Jessica’s experience working directly with legal teams on large, complex cases combined with her technology expertise gives her unique insight into the emerging needs of lawyers in the discovery process.

Some highlights of Jessica’s experiences include: managing teams of over 100 contract review lawyers; coordinating concurrent, cross-border review teams; as well as overseeing reviews for multi-jurisdictional parallel proceedings (i.e., separate and distinct production requests from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and the Canadian Competition Bureau with respect to the same transaction).

Prior to entering the field of ediscovery, Jessica acted as counsel to TD Bank, providing legal, regulatory, and risk management support to TD’s wealth and investment lines of business. Jessica received her legal training at Goodmans LLP, a leading national business and transactional law firm, and was called to the Ontario Bar in 2009. 


Director, Managed Review Services at Ricoh Americas Corporation

Responsible for the development of sales and document review systems for Peak, De Novo and various AmLaw 25 Firms. Consistently created high growth situations Wide experience simultaneously managing multiple large scale legal document review projects in New York City, Houston, Atlanta and Washington D.C.. Daily management of between 100-400 contract reviewers in multiple cities on a variety of projects. I have direct experience managing all phases of electronic discovery from pulling documents to the finalization of the privilege log.